Picture Of Famous Pirates Davy Jones

Picture Of Famous Pirates Davy Jones

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Pirates Facts

Today’s view on pirate life is heavily influenced by the relentless media barrage of pop culture references that firstly started appearing during the end of 19th century. Here you can go behind this romanticized views, and explore real facts about the pirates that lived and operated on the harsh seas of Atlantic and Indian Sea.

Davy Jones

Among the legends of pirate life, one of the greatest mysteries is no other than Davy Jones' Locker. Here you can find the history, inspiration and beliefs behind this mystical object that attracts fear and souls of every pirate that died on the sea.

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Talk Like a Pirate Day

Although pirates of the old were vicious and notoriously evil peoples, their exploits and adventures sparked imaginations of many writers and filmmakers over last few centuries. Influence that they’ve made on the public created a large public following of that lifestyle, which culminated in the holyday called “International Talk Like a Pirate Day”.

Pirate Phrases

Pirate talk represents important part of the way we imagine idolized version of pirates. Here you can find out the most important phrases that became imprinted into their image that is widely popularized today.