Blackbeard - Edward Teach Biography

During the height of the pirate age in the Caribbean, legends of one man brought fear and admiration across the waters of West Indies and eastern American colonies. Even though he operated as a pirate for only three years, Edward Teach(better known as Blackbeard) managed to forge his destiny as one of the most popular pirates of all time. Even today, his image of notorious and villainous nature survived in many forms of media, from books and stories to modern movies.

There is little known about his early life, except that he was born in Bristol around the year 1680. First records of his life came after he boarded the ship to the New World where he served as a privateer during the War of Spanish Succession. After the war he went to British held New Providence in Bahamas, a famous gathering point of many pirates in that Area. There he met and joined the crew of the ex-privateer and pirate Captain Benjamin Hornigold. During his time there Edward Tech gained the respect and trust of Hornigold for his innovative military tactic and the bloodthirsty reputation that started circulating across Caribbean. When Hornigold decided it's time for his retirement (by accepting the amnesty for his pirate actions from the Governor of Bahamas), he promoted Tech to captain and gave him control of his best ship "Concorde". He quickly improved this massive 300 ton frigate with more firepower (to the total of over 60 cannons) and renamed it as "Queen Anne's Revenge".

Picture Of Famous Pirate Blackbeard

During the 1718 Edward Teach (now operation under a popular nickname Blackbeard) continued to plunder trade ships around Caribbean, and some of his most notable sea-battle were against English warship "Scarborough" which greatly solidified his fame. Many tales of him describes his brilliant military tactics. After boarding the captured ship, he used theatrics and imposing image as a way to make defenders to lay down arms. He separated his long black beard into several tails, carried sling with three pistols, cutlass and several knives on his belt, which all contributed to the spreading of his villainous reputation (however, there are reports that he was fair and very generous to the captured people who cooperated with him).

He operated from the Ocracoke Islands, where he used popular local market to freely sell captured goods (and has also bribed several officials to let him continue his business). Soon he joined forces with the pirate Captain Stede Bonnet, but after discovering that he was not reliable and trustworthy, Blackbeard boarded his vessel and took command of his entire crew. Now with several ships in his possession, Blackbeard started more organized piracy operation. With four ships and over 300 pirates he laid siege to the harbor of today's Charleston in South Carolina where he managed to seize 8 vessels. However, shortly after losing "Queen Anne's Revenge" to the shallow waters, Blackbeard decided that it is time for his retirement. After few short months he become restless, and soon he was back to his pirate lifestyle, but this time English officials were determined to put a stop to his tyranny. Under the leadership of Lieutenant Robert Maynard, two English sloops attacked the Blackbeard in one of the most famous sea battles of all time. During the last moments of that battle, small force of Blackbeard's pirates boarded the Lieutenant Maynard ship, and two captains engaged in hand-to-hand conflict that is even today remembered as one of the most pivotal points in the "Golden Age of the Pirates".

Picture Of Famous Pirate Blackbeard
Picture Of Famous Pirate Blackbeard The Pirate